Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send music as a gift to others?

Physical CD’s can be sent as gifts at checkout by designating which physical CD’s in your cart are to be sent as gifts, and then providing the mailing address of where the CD’s are to be sent. If you would like to ship to multiple addresses (US addresses only, please) then please contact us to provide the addresses.

Digital downloads (MP3 files) can be sent as gifts via an electronic¬†GiftCard. Your designated gift recipient will receive an email containing a message from you with a GiftCard voucher that is good for any item available for purchase at (including physical CD’s). The GiftCard contains a coupon code that is entered at the time of checkout.

Are musical scores and chord charts available?

Yes, sheet music for orchestral & choir works are now available.

Chord charts for songs from the contemporary studio album recordings are planned, but may take a while to develop. Please let us know which songs you would like to see developed first for chord charts. Contact us.


Are you going to record another contemporary music album in the style of Psalmody and Pastoral Psalms?

Hopefully, yes. However, this will depend on available time and funds (as always).

What is your privacy policy?

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”
Luke 6:31

The David/Asaph Project takes very seriously the privacy of persons who register and login to this site, who make purchases or donations here, and who participate in blog discussions, etc. We do not share personal information to any third party unless directed to do so by proper legal authority. Credit card numbers are not stored on our site. The Stripe payment gateway handles credit card information separately and securely. We rarely send emails to our contacts, and it is usually done judiciously and with sensitivity. We appreciate the trust you have in us regarding your private information.

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What can I do to support your music?

We need help funding our first full-orchestra & choir recording, which will feature Paul Ayres’ arrangements of Psalm 66, vs. 1-4, Psalm 115, and possibly Psalm 48. Please visit our GoFundMe page for details.

We also accept donations that will be used for the production and recording of future projects.

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We deeply appreciate the generous gifts of persons who support this work. Your faithful and steadfast support has greatly helped this work to continue. I pray that the Lord may bless each of you.

Thank you,
David Albracht

1 Timothy 6:17-19

Please note that donations to the David/Asaph Project are NOT eligible for tax deductions in the United States (we are not a 501c3 organization), which is another reason why donors supporting this work are very special people.

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