Make a Joyful Noise!

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Album Cover (in design phase):, “Make a Joyful Noise”, by Jennylynd James, Painting – Acrylic On Canvas, 2015

Recorded May 15th, 2018

Choir & Orchestra Arrangements by Paul Ayres

Music by David Albracht

Conducted by Paul Ayres

Assistance by Terry Edwards and Ben Parry, co-directors of the London Voices

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Recording & Mixing Engineer: Lewis Jones

Assistant Engineer: Matt Jones

Studio Assistant: Alice Bennett

Mastering Engineer: Simon Gibson

Director of Planning for the LSO: Mario de Sa

Album cover artwork: Jennylynd James

The David/Asaph Project would like to thank Mario de Sa of the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) for his remarkable planning and organizational skills, Gareth Davies and Carmine Lauri of the LSO, Sophie Ray of Abbey Road Studios, and Jan Johnston for her support and vision for this music.

We would also like to especially thank many people who have encouraged us in this project through their prayers and financial support: Frank Ackerman, Brendan & Darby Albracht, Bryan & Sarah Albracht, David & Debbie Albracht & Albracht brothers, Brittney Albracht, Dawn & Louis Griffith, Susan Johnson, Jan Johnston, Linda Kelly, Eric Lohse, Sharon Albracht-Parr,  Laura Sayers, and Greg Wiggers.


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