Psalm 66, vs. 1-4, Make a joyful noise, orchestra only

” Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands. Sing forth the honour of his name: make his praise glorious.”

MP3 format. Orchestra-only version. Duration is 4:06.



The London Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Paul Ayres

Music by David Albracht

Orchestra Arrangement by Paul Ayres

Recording and Mixing Engineering by Lewis Jones

Protools Engineered by Jason

Mastered by Simon Gibson

Recorded in Studio 1, Abbey Road

Album cover: James, Jennylynd. Make a Joyful Noise. 2015. Painting. Acrylic on Canvas

Printed Sheet Music is available via JW Pepper.

Description Psalm 66, vs. 1-4, Make a joyful noise, is the first choir and full orchestra work that David Albracht commissioned for arrangement by Paul Ayres. The musical score was finished in early 2017, and was brought to the attention of the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) which expressed interest in recording the work. This eventually led to the recording session at Abbey Road on May 15th, 2018. This is the orchestra-only version of those recordings. The LSO was recorded first, and then the choir was brought in several hours later to record overdubs. During the mixing process, the recording and mixing engineer, Lewis Jones, commented that the LSO recordings stand alone as excellent music. This prompted consideration to release the orchestra-only versions as additional tracks for this album.

The chords and melodies for this song were composed by David in 1996 while attending recording school in Chillicothe, Ohio. A Christian-contemporary version of the song was recorded and released on the Psalmody album in 2001. Later that year, David arranged a SATB score of the song which was presented at a church psalm festival. He had long hoped that the song could be arranged and recorded for choir and full orchestra, which became realized with the work of Paul Ayres. At the time of the original composition in 1996, David could hear in his mind a large choir singing the melody that is in this recording. The idea for using 16th note runs for the violins came during recording of the Psalmody album in 2000, which was represented with a string synthesizer played on keyboards.