Psalm 115, Not unto us, O Lord, orchestra only

“Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth’s sake.”

MP3 format. Orchestra-only version. Duration is 6:54.



The London Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Paul Ayres

Music by David Albracht

Orchestra Arrangement by Paul Ayres

Recording and Mixing Engineering by Lewis Jones

Protools Engineered by Jason

Mastered by Simon Gibson

Recorded in Studio 1, Abbey Road

Album cover: James, Jennylynd. Make a Joyful Noise. 2015. Painting. Acrylic on Canvas

Printed Sheet Music is available via JW Pepper.

Description Psalm 115, Not unto us, O Lord, is the longest in duration of the three songs recorded on May 15th, at nearly 7 minutes. The time signature starts at 3/4, then changes to 6/8 at verse 5 with the choir singing, “They have mouths, but they speak not”, and continues in 6/8 until the middle of verse 8 where it changes back to 3/4 for the remainder of the song. The psalm verses corresponding to the 6/8 portion of this song speak of the inanimateness of idols. Throughout this section multiple trills are heard back and forth in the woodwinds, which are heard best in this orchestra-only version.

Other instruments in this orchestra-only version can also be heard more prominently and clearly with the choir absent. Examples include the muted solo trumpet conĀ sordiniĀ at verse 15, “Ye are blessed of the Lord”, the tom-toms in the 6/8 “idol” section, and the piano in the finale playing dramatic eighth-note figures.