Psalm 3

“Lord, how are they increased that trouble me! many are they that rise up against me. Many there be which say of my soul, There is no help for him in God. Selah.”

Psalm 3, recorded by the David/Asaph Project. Released in 2001 on the Psalmody album. Duration 5:08.



Produced by John Piper

Musical composition by David Albracht

Recorded at 2nd Floor Studios, Dallas, Texas.
Engineered by John Piper
Mixed at Piper Projects by John Piper
Mastered by Ed Johnson
Recorded and Mixed on the Paris 24 bit DAW

Bass – Lou Harlas
Drums – Mike Drake
Harmony Vocals – Jeanie Perkins
Percussion – John Bryant
Piano, Synthesizer – Ken Boome
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals – David Albracht

Image above: Giordano, Luca. Dream of Solomon. Circa 1694-1695. Oil on canvas. Prado Museum.


Psalm 3, the fourth track on the Psalmody album, was recorded by the David/Asaph Project at 2nd Floor Studios in Dallas, Texas, in the year 2000. This song features the text of the KJV translation set to new music. Song duration is 5:08.

Described as a “ballad that graduates from fear to faith,” Psalm 3 is cited as a favorite of the album by many listeners. This song was the first by the David/Asaph Project to have been placed into a YouTube video by a listener.

In the Bible, Psalm 3 recounts the sad story of when King David fled from his son Absalom.

C.H. Spurgeon's Comments on the text of Psalm 3

“A Psalm of David, when he fled from Absalom his Son.” You will remember the sad story of David’s flight from his own palace, when in the dead of the night, he forded the brook Kedron, and went with a few faithful followers to hide himself for awhile from the fury of his rebellious son. Remember that David in this was a type of the Lord Jesus Christ. He, too, fled; he, too, passed over the brook Kedron when his own people were in rebellion against him, and with a feeble band of followers he went to the garden of Gethsemane. He, too, drank of the brook by the way, and therefore doth he lift up the head. By very many expositors this is entitled THE MORNING HYMN. May we ever wake with holy confidence in our hearts, and a song upon our lips!

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