Psalm 66, vs. 1-4

“Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands: Sing forth the honour of his name: make his praise glorious.”

Psalm 66, vs. 1-4, recorded by the David/Asaph Project. Released in 2001 on the Psalmody album. Duration is 3:52.




Produced by John Piper

Musical composition by David Albracht

Recorded at 2nd Floor Studios, Dallas, Texas.
Engineered by John Piper
Mixed at Piper Projects by John Piper
Mastered by Ed Johnson
Recorded and Mixed on the Paris 24 bit DAW

Bass – Lou Harlas
Drums – Mike Drake
Guitar, Vocals – David Albracht
Harmony Vocals – Jeanie Perkins
Percussion – John Bryant
Piano, Synthesizer – Ken Boome

Image above: Gotch, Thomas Cooper. Alleluia. 1896. Oil on canvas. Tate Britain.

Psalm 66, vs. 1-4, the eighth track of the Psalmody album, was recorded by the David/Asaph Project at 2nd Floor Studios in Dallas, Texas, in the year 2000. This song features the text of the KJV translation set to new music. Song duration is 3:52.

Composed on a joyous day in 1996, this song is cited as a favorite by many listeners, noted for its simplicity and beauty of accompaniments. Within a few months after the release of the Psalmody album in 2001, a choral arrangement was prepared and performed at a psalm festival in Dallas, Texas. This song was recently arranged for choir, piano, and full orchestra by Paul Ayres.

C.H. Spurgeon's Comments on the text of Psalm 66

TITLE. To the Chief Musician. He had need be a man of great skill, worthily to sing such a Psalm as this: the best music in the world would be honoured by marriage with such expressions. A Song or Psalm, or a Song and Psalm. It may be either said or sung; it is a marvellous poem if it be but read; but set to suitable music, it must have been one of the noblest strains ever heard by the Jewish people. We do not know who is its author, but we see no reason to doubt that David wrote it. It is in the Davidic style, and has nothing in it unsuited to his times. It is true the “house” of God is mentioned, but the tabernacle was entitled to that designation as well as the temple.

SUBJECT AND DIVISION. Praise is the topic, and the subjects for song are the Lord’s great works, his gracious benefits, his faithful deliverances, and all his dealings with his people, brought to a close by a personal testimony to special kindness received by the prophet bard himself. Ps 66:1-4 are a kind of introductory hymn, calling upon all nations to praise God, and dictating to them the words of a suitable song.

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