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Released in 2001, the Psalmody Album by The David/Asaph Project was chosen as the Year’s Best Music by the Dallas Morning News, Religion Section.


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Produced by John Piper

Musical compositions by David Albracht

Recorded at 2nd Floor Studios, Dallas, Texas.
Engineered by John Piper
Mixed at Piper Projects by John Piper
Mastered by Ed Johnson
Recorded and Mixed on the Paris 24 bit DAW

David Albracht – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Ken Boome – Piano, Synthesizers
Harrell Bosarge – Drums
John Bryant – Percussion
Milo Deering – Mandolin
Mike Drake – Drums
Lou Harlas – Bass
Jan Johnston – Harmony Vocals
Pearce Meisenbach – Cello
Jamal Mohamed – Percussion
Jeanie Perkins – Harmony Vocals
John Piper – Rhythm & Lead Guitar


Released in 2001, the Psalmody album consists of twelve of the biblical psalms, in the KJV translation, set to new music. The musical styles are varied and contemporary. The album was recorded at 2nd Floor Studio in Dallas, Texas. All of the participating musicians were from the north Texas area.

The Dallas Morning News, Religion section, selected the Psalmody album as the top pick of the “Year’s Best Music”. Paul Buckley wrote, “many of us have waited a long time to hear a contemporary Christian recording like this…”.  The review by Joshua Martinez of Jesus Music said, “… this to me is the most significant recording to come out in many years – secular or Christian. The lyrics obviously cannot be critiqued and the music stands up to the test of even the most finicky listener…” Tony Cummings of Cross Rhythms Magazine in the UK wrote, “By the close I was not only convinced that I heard one of the most outstanding albums ever made without the help of a record company, but also an album with the genuine potential of leading us to the God of David and Asaph, you and I.”

The music of the Psalmody album continues to be developed. The eighth track on the album, Psalm 66, vs. 1-4, was recently arranged for choir, piano, and full orchestra. There are plans to record and perform this new work soon.

The physical CD jewel case contains a 14 page booklet insert with biblical text (lyrics) and liner notes.