Sheet Music for Psalm 23, The Lord is my shepherd

Available currently only as PDF, via digital download




Music by David Albracht
Choir & Piano Arrangement by Paul Ayres

Song duration: approximately 4:17

Musical score is 8 pages in PDF format


  • Collegium Musicum of London Chamber Choir, Greg Morris conductor, entitled Psalm 23, The Lord is my shepherd, recorded September 2015, released 2016
  • Contemporary acoustic version, entitled Psalm 23, released on the Pastoral Psalms album in 2014


Psalm 23, The Lord is my shepherd, is the first song commissioned by David Albracht to be arranged by Paul Ayres for choir and piano.

This piece has been arranged with ‘flexible scoring’, to make it possible for performance with many different types and sizes of choir or music group. The main melody part, and the piano (or any keyboard) part, should be sung/played throughout. The upper harmony and the lower harmony parts (from measure 26 onwards) are optional, and can be sung/played by any suitable voices/instruments, for example:

(1) three solo voices (trio), one each on upper, melody and lower parts
(2) for mixed choir: baritones on melody, sopranos on upper part, altos on lower part
(3) half of a choir on the melody, the other half on the lower part, omit upper part
(4) unison voices on melody, upper part played by flute, omit lower part

Collegium Musicum of London Chamber Choir recording…